Curtis (cjkline83) wrote in fieldtech,

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Work Sucks, I Know

Okay, started my day at 9am. Went to the Arby's of Martinsburg, WV to fix a cash drawer. Came home, showerd, shaved, and headed to Panera of Fairfax, VA. That was working upon arrival. Went to On the Border of Dale City, VA; parts failure. Requested motherboard and touch chip to get the touch glass working again. Next I went to Panera Bread of Springettsburg, PA. TWO part failures for Dell GX60 KDS units. Actually, the images were FUBAR and I was sort of sabotaged from the beginning. Finally, went to Denny's of Mechancisburg to assist another tech with reimaging and resetting IP addresses for REG3 and BOH server. The time is now 6:15am. I am EXHAUSTED. What is that... a 21 hour day? And you think YOUR job sucks. *laughing*
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