Curtis (cjkline83) wrote in fieldtech,

Microsoft hates Bush

I imagine the programmers of Windows put this in as an inside joke. Here's what you need:
- Windows XP
- Notepad

- Open a new notepad window.
- Type "Bush hid the facts"
- save this document somewhere you'll know where it is (Desktop is fine)
- close notepad
- open your saved document (bush.txt for example)

Be amazed.

UPDATE: 12/13/06 @ 5:27PM
This actually appears to be a unicode programming/parsing error, believed to be mended in Windows Vista. I guess it wasn't a big enough problem for Microsoft to patch with a Windows Update as of yet.

Alas, the truth is far less compelling. It appears that a lot of other character strings in the pattern 4 letters, 3 letters, 3 letters and 5 letters will give the same result. For example, the phrase "Bill fed the goats" also displays the garbled text...

Sorry for the hysteria, if any. Thanks to jemjabella and jeffreyatw.